Kawaii-Market – A Review

Hi everyone! Today I’m reviewing an eBay store that I’ve come to absolutely love after just one purchase! It’s Kawaii-Market, a UK-based seller of stationery, plushies, and scrapbooking elements.

Kawaii-Market have some really good deals, with some of my favourites being the three sets I purchased and am showing off today. They also have a set of ten items that includes a rainbow alpaca plush, so that’s something I’m going to have to snap up shortly because I adore alpacas!

What really sold me were Kawaii-Market’s low prices. I’ve been wanting to stock up on flake stickers and memo sheets for ages, and now that I’m no longer living in Toronto, it’s hard for me to find things like this in the wild in my area. So I grabbed three sets of cute things and paid well under £10. Shipping was fast, and everything arrived in an envelope cheerfully decorated with washi tape. It was certainly happy mail!

This set is eight mini sticky notes, and it cost 99p! I LOVE these and they’re the perfect size for bullet journals. A couple sets aren’t sticky, but of course it’s easy to just glue them in.

Get a set here

This mini stationery set cost £1.99 and has lots of cute little bits, including stickers, single memo sheets, a pencil, a character badge, an eraser, and a bookmark.

Here’s a closer look at the items…

Get it here 

This mini stationery set comes with a selection of mini memo sheets and flake stickers, and it cost 99p!

Get it here

I’m already looking forward to ordering from them again and I’ll be showing you what’s in the next batch of happy mail!

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