Korean Beauty Products

Hi everyone! I’m sharing the first (of probably many) posts about Korean beauty products. Gorgeously packaged with great scents and shades, items from brands such as TONYMOLY and Etude House are super hard to pass up. Having unique, cute containers on my dresser and in my makeup bag are real day brighteners, too (I love little things like that!), and they can be reused for other purposes when they’re empty.

Today’s post is about the first products I’ve attained so far, and they’ve all come from eBay. You can also find some TONYMOLY products here and there at TK Maxx here in the UK, and Pacific Mall in Ontario carries TONYMOLY, Missha, and–I believe–Etude House.

The Pocket Bunny Sleek Mist spray has the old design, which I far prefer to what TONYMOLY changed it to. It’s still cute, but I just adore this one! I find it’s great for setting my makeup and keeping my skin from getting oily and gross, and it has a very light and pleasant scent.

Missha Spray Sun Milk is just lovely, and does its job at protecting my skin!

Etude House Dear My Blooming Lips Talk is in a gorgeous, shimmery pink tube. I absolutely love it. The colour is Pink004, a bright, blue-hued shade that gives me a little boost in confidence when I wear it.

The kimono girl lip balm (cherry flavour) came from eBay and cost me 99 cents. I really liked the super smooth, buttery feel of the balm, but its softness made it melt and break quite easily.

The peach is TONYMOLY Peach Anti-Aging Hand Cream. This super-thick pink cream smells like a summer’s day and seriously softens winter-rough hands. Plus, when you use it up, the container can be used for something else! Speaking of which, I need to go grab a new one off eBay…

TONYMOLY Fruit Princess Lip Gloss (here in Peach and Apple) are delicious and add some great shine to your look. Peach is opaque, and Apple is semi-opaque with light sparkle. Unfortunately, I don’t think these glosses are made anymore–at least not as far as I’ve seen. Maybe you’ll have better luck!

Of the three moisturizers, the Lioele one was amazing! My skin never felt smoother or more supple. I also quite liked the one on the far right, but I have no idea what brand it is or anything. Anyone have any clues?

That Etude House BB cream sample was the first true BB cream I’d ever tried, and I was in LOVE. It went on with a light feel, but seemed to magically cover up every tiny bit of uneven skintone, every zit scar, every red spot and my dark circles. I need to get a bottle of this stuff, for sure!

I hope you all enjoyed this little post 🙂 Do you have any Korean skincare/beauty favourites? Recommendations?


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