Japanese Candy Ninja Goodness


Today I’m sharing my Japanese Candy Ninja box! I love love LOVE trying all kinds of sweets and snacks that I’ve never even heard of before, and so I jumped on the chance to add some more Japanese ones to my repertoire.

For just £16.99, I received two dozen snacks straight from Japan. I ordered off their Amazon page, which no longer seems to exist. Their website needs some work, but you can get your boxes here in three different sizes!

I loved my box, which contained a perfect mix of both sweet and savoury snacks. As I don’t know Japanese, some of the snacks were a bit of a surprise for me, but I considered that to be part of the fun! Everything tasted great and I would definitely order from them again.

Here’s a closer look at some of the snacks…

Delicious and savoury!

Mmm, teriyaki burger flavour! This one literally melted on my tongue.

Nice jerkey! And the pink things behind that were strawberry-coated toasted rice. It was a bit of a surprising flavour combination, but a very pleasant one.

I loved these wee things! The ice cream-coloured balls tasted how I thought–like chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla ice cream. The tiny chocolate banana was too cute and the mini meat stick was nice!

Ah, so THAT’S what peafowl and raccoons look like… 😉

Ahh, this edible sculpting kit is SO CUTE.


My favourite items included the matcha KitKat, the little koala biscuits (which were chocolate-filled), the strawberry rice snacks, the melon-flavoured Panda cookie, and the little green apple squares that were pleasantly sweet and had a similar consistency to Turkish delight. I had a nice surprise with the little Winnie and Eeyore treat shown in the second photo; it was a nice fat marshmallow sweet, but it also had a sweet strawberry centre!

Have you tried any of these treats? Any recommendations?

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