Mary has always had a penchant for whimsy and cuteness, but her love for cute began in 2002 when she found a plethora of animated kawaii emoji on the internet! From then onwards, she began filling up her life with adorable and pretty things. She’s a big fan of Sanrio and San-X, and she has a weakness for amigurumi, decoden, deco tape, and anything small and pink. Mary lives in England with her husband and is dreaming about having both a cat and a dog one day soon. She likes to spend her free time browsing for cute stuff, blogging, reading, being in Nature, and creating art. She is a firm believer in the power of a good cup of tea, and not letting age dictate what you should or shouldn’t like.


Strawberry Lait is a wee blog with the purpose of sharing everything cute under the sun, since Mary is completely and utterly obsessed with cuteness.

Berrycream is the site mascot! She’s an excitable bunny who loves–you guessed it–strawberry milk.

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